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Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispensaries To Protect The Public

Sometimes a business is born out of necessity, sometimes out of opportunity, sometimes out of timing - and sometimes all of these. To meet the need to increase hygiene in public spaces, Let's Sanitise supply automatic hand sanitation dispensaries with digital display capabilities and bespoke personalisation.


According to the World Health Organisation, 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted through touch. These include the common cold, flu, conjunctivitis, skin infections and more recently COVID-19. Therefore, as a global community, we need to prepare for a COVID transformation.


In business, it's crucial to take small steps to make a big impression on your staff and customers. By installing a next-generation hand sanitiser station, your business is setting out their intentions to the public that their wellbeing is at the forefront of your decision making.



Meet our hand sanitiser stations


For the hospitality and retail sector, we recognise every visual and design element of your space has a purpose. Placing a tired-looking hand sanitiser station can give you an unwanted headache. We have modern freestanding digital stations - meet Spencer and Doris. An innovative wall-mounted design - meet Florence. and bespoke units that offer functions and contemporary design in equal measure - Meet the Eden family


One of the biggest things driving the change in today's digital marketing strategies is the evolution of the captive audience - someone who is forced to watch and listen to an advertisement. The digital display, on a hand sanitiser unit, forces the user to directly view the content. It's unavoidable. You have no option but to pay attention. We provide a sophisticated content management system on our premium range, giving you the ability to view the usage of the machine and upload fresh new content to the digital signage display in real-time.


Now is the time to change habits beyond masks; hand disinfection is the key to maintaining the safety of people. Stay safe, stay sanitised.

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