Meet little Harry - our automatic hand sanitiser dispenser designed to sit countertop level wherever you please. The cleaning station offers a sleek, functional design even if space is limited. An ideal solution for offices, restaurants, shops to protect their staff and customers. 


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Tabletop Automatic Hand Sanitiser Station - Harry

£175.00 Regular Price
£140.00Sale Price

    • Weight 4.75kg
    • Sanitiser Capacity 1000 ml 
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Battery Powered
    • 1 Year Warranty 
    • Made in the UK
    • Registered Design
    • Delivery 2-5 Working Days
  • Harry has a 1000 ml reservoir with a 1.5 ml dispense rate per use - compare that to manual pumps 2/3 times per use.
    Harry's refillable and locked CE approved automatic battery-operated hand Sanitiser Dispenser Unit – 1,000ml capacity with a 1.5 ml dispense rate per use.


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